Hadrian's Wall

Lauren Harrison
email: stay@willowford.co.uk

Hadrian's Wall Fairtrade Website

Hadrian's Wall was declared the first World Heritage Site, National Trail and ‘international’ zone to get Fairtrade status in Fairtrade Fortnight 2010. The campaign to link all of the Fairtrade towns within the Hadrian's Wall corridor took just over a year.

There were already many businesses and other organisations that provided Fairtrade products for their customers or staff and our aim was to raise the profile of Fairtrade even further and encourage more people to become involved.

There are now over 125 businesses supporting the Hadrian's Wall Fairtrade campaign and all 11 local authorities in the corridor have pledged to support Fairtrade.

We celebrated this achievement on Monday 22nd February, the first day of Fairtrade Fortnight 2010, with Krishnan Sainathan, a cotton manager for Agrocel, a Fairtrade company in India, and local Roman soldier Robin Brown!

Hadrian's Wall Country is a farming region that produces a wide variety of food and other goods. We strongly believe that these products should also be traded fairly and are working with Hadrian's Wall Heritage to promote this project in tandem with their 'Locally Produced' scheme.

Hadrian's Wall photographs kindly supplied by Joan Thirlaway.