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Local Background

Brampton is a market town with a population of about 4,300 living within the parish boundary. The campaign to promote Fairtrade goods has extended to take in nearby villages in the surrounding rural area and along our nearest section of Hadrianís Wall where much of the local tourist accommodation is situated.

Fairtrade Status

Brampton was granted Fairtrade Status on 6th January 2005, becoming one of the first hundred towns in the UK to be recognised in this way. There are now 478 Fairtrade Towns.

Since 2005

In the 5 years since becoming a Fairtrade Town many more retail and catering outlets, churches, schools, workplaces, businesses, and community groups have embraced Fairtrade.

A Fairtrade directory is available from the TIC during the summer months. This lists all the organisations that currently make up the Fairtrade town.

Of special note are:

  • Brampton Primary School, awarded Fairtrade status in Spring 2007
  • RAF Spadeadam, Britainís first military base to sign up to Fairtrade
  • Brampton Medical Practice, Bramptonís largest employer, with over a hundred people working there.
  • All 7 local churches are Fairtrade
  • Brampton Community Centre, has a Fairtrade cafť and all refreshments served at meetings are Fairtrade
  • Brampton Co-op, has new Fairtrade lines arriving all the time, including a wide selection of wines.

This directory has been produced by Brampton Fairtrade Town Group and is updated every 2 years. Every resident receives a free copy.

Bramptonís Fairtrade Group

This is a small but enthusiastic group of local people who promote Fairtrade at numerous events in and around the town throughout the year. The busiest time is the nationally celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight in spring.

Fairtrade Fortnight

This is a special time for the Brampton Fairtrade Town Group when months of planning bear fruit. Recent Fairtrade Fortnights have had visiting Fairtrade producers from different countries giving talks, Fairtrade cookery demonstrations and fashion shows have been held, Fairtrade coffee mornings and meals organised, Traidcraft stalls run, sponsored walks on Hadrianís wall taken place, specially made Fairtrade Town Shopping bags sold Ö and lots more.

Other Work

During the last few years new Fairtrade road signs have been erected on two roads into Brampton, a survey on Fairtrade awareness in the town has been done, window displays have been mounted, a Fairtrade mosaic made by local schoolchildren and permanently displayed in the Moot Hall, and a flower bed dedicated to the Fairtrade logo.

This floral display has been part of the townís Brampton In Bloom competition entry for the last few years. The plants for it are grown by a local gardener and Fairtrade supporter and are then planted into the design by the pupils of Brampton Primary School.

In July each year Brampton Fairtrade Town Group have had a stall of Fairtrade products, both foods and crafts, during Brampton Live music weekend and in the autumn excellent invited speakers have come to the


The group were very involved in the initial steps to establish Hadrianís Wall as a Fairtrade Zone, the first Fairtrade cross country, first national trail, first world heritage site to become Fairtrade.

Renewal of Fairtrade Town status is not automatic, it must be earned. Brampton Fairtrade Town Group work continually to raise awareness of and promote Fairtrade. Since 2005 the group have received praise from the national body, the Fairtrade Foundation for what it has achieved.

Please help us! Please join us! We are actively looking for new members for the group and helpers for individual events. Find us and our activities on

Our members are happy to talk to groups, organisations and businesses and anyone interested in knowing more about Fairtrade.

We would like every business and organisation in Brampton to sign up to Fairtrade. If you are interested please get in touch. We are always looking for new ways to celebrate and proclaim Brampton Fairtrade Town, so do tell us your ideas You can help as a customer too. Ask your favourite shop or cafť to choose Fairtrade.